Golden Shisha Tobacco and Molasses

If you´re looking for a great smoking experience, then this is the product for you!

Golden Shisha is a brand new shisha tobacco, never before seen on the market. Golden Shisha is a flavoured tobacco molasses where the tobacco and the molasses are separated and sold as two products.

This is the result of the extremely high tobacco-taxes on hookah tobacco in many countries, especially in the EU. The tobacco-tax is, in most countries, based on the total weight of the finished product and not only on the weight of the tobacco. Therefore you also have to pay tobacco-tax for the weight of the molasses.

With our product this problem is solved. You only pay tobacco-tax for the actual tobacco and this way the margins for the retailer increases and the price for the end consumer decreases. The product comes in two different pouches. One pouch contains tobacco and the other flavoured molasses.

Mix your own Tobacco
To finalize the product, the contents of a tobacco-pouch and a molasses-pouch needs to be mixed together and after a few days you have a very fresh and great tasting flavoured hookah molasses.

The best-before-date is at least two years from the day the two products has been mixed together.

Store in a cool and dry place. For best result, put the tobacco molasses in a jar and make sure it´s air tight.